Alert: Beginning Aug. 23 city crews will be flushing hydrants around town until further notice.

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The City of Fayette has officially started the Church St. Sidewalk Project. Citizens and commuters may expect delays or blocked off areas when traveling Church St. Please watch for crews working and blockage into areas as they work.

The City of Fayette currently has a sewer replacement project that is State mandated by Department of Natural Resources. What does this mean for the citizens of Fayette? The City of Fayette wants all the citizens to know the following: A. All citizens will be notified prior to construction or disruption to your property. B. The public should be aware that there will be street closures. C. The City of Fayette will do our best keeping citizens updated on progress and closures. Thank you for all your patience and your support through the project process. The City of Fayette

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