Alert: North Bell Street to Frevert Drive is closed until further notice.

Street Vendors, Occasional Sales or Peddler

Pursuant to Municipal Code, street vendors and peddlers must complete an application in order to apply for a Street Vendor / Occasional sales or Peddler Permit within the City of Fayette, Missouri. Applicants must present their driver’s licence, state identification card, passport or other U.S. Government – issued photo identification to the City Clerk who will attach a copy thereof to the application. Applicant’s are also required to provide their company/employer sales tax liciense number as issued by the State of Missouri.


Door-To-Door $15.00 operating for (1) day, or $30.00 for one (1) month

Occasional Seller (Vendor) $10.00 per (1) day, or $15.00 per month